We are Blue/Rose/Revival


As a dynamic folk rock duo, one half being from the Canadian Rockies (Emily) and the other half from the Tennessee Smokies (Tucker), they embody their slogan of "modern folk meets old soul". Their sound brings to mind "Shakey Graves" and "The Lumineers". After touring Canada, Hawaii, Costa Rica and the United States (mainland), they now showcase their real life adventures through their songs. With haunting harmonies, they tell melodic stories of travel, love, success, struggle and more - all the while kicking @$$ on stage.

~ Tucker Blue ~
Vocals / Guitar

~ Emily Rose ~
Vocals / Percussion / Keyboard

The feeling of wanderlust and gypsy soul is easily portrayed through their travel driven songs. You will lose yourself in the story, the feeling, and the melt-your-heart harmonies.
— www.metroarizona.com